Sponsored Billing & 529 Plans

Sponsored Billing

If a sponsor (i.e. any company, institution, or outside agency) will be paying all or part of your Wake Forest tuition and/or fees, and the sponsor requires a bill or invoice to be emailed directly from Student Financial Services, the following two items are required:

  1. A Written Authorization Letter from the sponsor.
  2. A Financial Information Release Form
  • Written Authorization

    A written authorization must be received from a sponsor prior to the beginning of a semester. Once the sponsor authorization is received, a bill or invoice will then be sent to the agency/company.

    Please note: If, for any reason, your sponsorship amount is change, cancelled, or your sponsor does not pay the invoice, you are responsible for the unpaid amounts due to Wake Forest University. Payments should be remitted to the student account per the WFU tuition due dates. Future sponsorships are not allowed until current sponsorships are paid in full. Students cannot enroll in future semesters or receive transcripts until all charges on their Wake Forest University accounts are paid in full.

    In addition, if you are using a sponsor for the first time, please ensure that documentation is submitted to Student Financial Services at at least two weeks prior to the payment due date for the upcoming semester. This will allow more time for Wake Forest to review the sponsor’s program and determine if the policies associated with the program are in line with our own. If for some reason the policies conflict, submitting the documentation earlier will provide an opportunity to find other means of payment.

  • Financial Information Release

    Student Financial Services requires permission to release Wake Forest University student account information to any sponsor. If a sponsor will pay all or part of your eligible tuition and/or fees, then a Financial Information Release form must be completed on or before the appropriate date(s) listed below.

    The Financial Information Release form requests that Wake Forest University bill any sponsor from whom an authorization letter has been received and release information to the sponsor as needed to service your account. This form will need to be submitted each academic year you intend to utilize this payment method.


    Financial Information Release form due dates:

    Students Entering Form required by
    Fall semester July 10
    Spring semester November 10
    Summer semester May 10


*This is not applicable for students receiving outside University concession/tuition benefits. For questions regarding concession, please reach out to the office of Financial Aid directly.*

College Savings 529 Plans & Prepaid Tuition 529 Plans

Money from a College Savings/Prepaid Tuition 529 plan can be used for tuition, fees, supplies, and equipment required for study at any accredited college, university or vocational school in the United States and at some foreign universities. Participation in a College Savings 529/ Prepaid Tuition 529 plan does not exempt a student from the established Wake Forest University tuition due dates; payments should be remitted to the student account per the payment schedule for the applicable semester.

If your Plan provides Student Financial Services with documentation of forthcoming payment including the exact payment amount and remittance date, a memo (credit serving as placeholder for expected funds) will be put on the student’s account until the check arrives from the specified College Savings/Prepaid Tuition 529 Plan.

Private College 529 Plans

  • CollegeWell


    The CollegeWell Private College 529 Plan is a prepaid savings plan run by a consortium of more than 200 private colleges. The plan allows families the immediate opportunity to lock in a discounted tuition cost at a participating college in a future year. Wake Forest is a participating institution in the CollegeWell Private College 529 Plan. If you are the beneficiary of a CollegeWell Private College 529 Plan, be sure to redeem by the tuition due date each semester.

    Important Note: Redemptions should be requested after July 1st in order to take advantage of the tuition discount for the upcoming academic year. If redemptions are requested prior to July 1st the beneficiary will receive credit for the prior academic year tuition rate.

    For more information on this type of plan, please visit the CollegeWell website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Sponsored Billing? Contact Student Financial Services at sfsbills@nullwfu.edu

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