Tuition & Fees

Wait Chapel

2023-2024 Academic Year

  • College of Arts & Sciences
    Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition$63,608
    Part-Time Undergraduate (per hour)$2,650
    Affiliate Programs (per semester)$31,804
    Audit (per hour)$75
    Summer School 2023 (per hour)$950
    Music Fees (1/2hr & 1 hr)$325/650
    Student Activity Fee$206
    Student Health Fee$550
    Wellness Fee$394
    Technology Fee (Off-campus students, per semester)$80
    New Student Orientation Fee$270

    *A student may not register for fewer than 12 hours without specific permission from the appropriate Dean to register as a part-time student. Approval must be obtained before the last day of the “add” period for that term. See the Wake Forest Bulletin for more information.

  • Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
    Full Time Graduate Tuition$38,650
    Online Counseling & Human Services (per hour)$1,650
    Part-Time Graduate (per hour)$1,650
    Student Continuation Fee (per semester)$150
    Audit (per hour)$150
    Technology Fee (per semester, excludes on-line programs)$75
    Student Health Fee$550
    Wellness Fee (can be waived)$394
    Summer 2023 – Graduate (per hour)$1,650
    Summer 2023 – Graduate Audit (per hour)$150
    Summer 2023 – On-Line Counseling & Human Services (per hour)$1,610
  • School of Law
    Full time JD Tuition$53,142
    LLM & SJD Tuition$53,142
    SJD (returning students, per semester)$26,570
    Online Masters in Study of Law (per hour)$1,120
    Audit Rate (not to exceed per hour)$2,220
    Summer School 2023 (per hour)$1,772
    Summer Study Abroad 2023 (per hour)$1,040
    Technology Fee$400
    Student Health Fee$550
    Student Activity Fee $100
    Wellness Fee (can be waived)$394
  • School of Business
    Business School Undergraduate Tuition $63,608
    Graduate Programs
    MS in Accountancy Tuition$53,749
    MS in Management Program Tuition$50,428
    MS in Analytics Tuition (on ground)$53,945
    Online MSBA (per hour)$1,475
    Online Master of Accountancy (per year)$49,500
    Online Master of Accountancy (per credit hour)$1,650
    MBA (on ground, per semester)$13,995
    MBA Program Fee (on ground, per semester)$2,000
    MBA (on ground, per hour)$1,555
    Online MBA (per hour)$1,555
    Graduate Part Time (per hour)$1,408
    Course Audit Fee (per credit hour) $150
    Student Activity Fee (MSA, MSM)$300
    Student Health Fee$550
    Wellness Fee (can be waived)$394
  • School of Divinity
    Full Time Tuition$21,220
    Part-Time (per hour)$846
    Summer School 2023 (per hour)$430
    Audit (per hour)$120
    DMin Tuition (per hour)$965
    DMin Application Fee$100
    Student Activity Fee$380
    Student Health Fee$550
    Wellness Fee (can be waived)$394
  • School of Professional Studies
    Certificate in Faith, Health, and Equity (per credit)$667
    Master of Educational Leadership (per credit)$1,167
    Master of Curriculum and Instruction (per credit)$1,167
    Master of Digital Marketing (per credit)$1,217
    Master of Project Management (per credit)$1,217
    Master of Health Informatics (per credit)$1,217
    Master of Financial Technology and Analysis (per credit)$1,217
    Master of Communications (per credit)$1,217
    Master of Health Administration (per credit)$1,217
    Certificate in Digital Marketing (per credit)$1,217
    Certificate in Project Management (per credit)$1,217
    Certificate in Agile Leadership (per credit)$1,217
    Certificate in Financial Technology (per credit)$1,217
    Certificate in Ethical & Inclusive Leadership (per credit)$1,217
  • Vehicle Registration
    Automobiles- All students must register their vehicle with the Parking and Transportation office.
    Reynolda Campus Lots- Resident, Commuter & Deacon Place$570
    Upper Classmen – First Assembly & Reynolda Village Parking Areas$345
    First Year Undergraduates/Transfer Students – Student Drive Parking Lots$345
    Student Satellite Permit$85
    Summer – Reynolda Campus Lots$105
    Summer – First Assembly & Reynolda Village Parking Areas (per month)$15
    Student Permit Replacement$25
    Reynolda Campus Lots$55
    Summer Session$20
  • Housing & Meal Plans

    Housing (Per academic year unless otherwise noted)

    Single Rooms & Apartments (per year)
    All residence halls, apartments and theme houses$12,696
    Deacon Place$13,190
    RA Single$2,220
    Double Rooms (per year)
    All residence halls, theme houses and townhouses (excluding Deacon Place, Polo Hall and apartments)$10,762
    Triple Rooms (per year)
    All Residence Halls, Themes and Townhouses (if applicable)$9,560
    Student Early Arrival- Approved Groups $15
    Student Early Arrival- Non approved Individuals$75
    Housing Contract Cancellation Fee$250
    Summer Session 2023
    Single rooms$1,176
    Double rooms$802
    Study Abroad – Wake Forest Semester Programs
    London, Venice, Vienna, Salamanca, Cambridge and Dijon (per semester)$5,381
    Learn more about study abroad program fees »

    Meal Plans

    Please visit the Deacon Dining website for more information regarding each meal plan option.

*The University reserves the right to change without notice the cost of instruction and other services at any time.*