Tuition & Fees (2019-2020 Academic Year)

At a Glance

*The University reserves the right to change without notice the cost of instruction and other services at any time.*

College of Arts & Sciences

Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition $54,430
Part-Time Undergraduate (per semester hour) 2,256
Study Abroad Enrollment Fee for Wake Forest-Affiliate Programs (per semester) 3,266
Audit (per hour) 75
Music Fees (1/2hr & 1 hr) 325/650
Student Activity Fee 200
Student Health Fee 450
Wellness Fee 360
*A student may not register for fewer than 12 hours without specific permission from the appropriate Dean to register as a part-time student. Approval must be obtained before the last day of the “add” period for that term. See the Wake Forest Bulletin for more information.

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Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Full-Time Graduate Tuition $38,650
On-Line Counseling & Human Services (per hour) 1,465
Part-Time Graduate (per hour) 1,465
Thesis Only (per semester) 150
Audit (per hour) 150
Graduation Fee (Masters) 150
Graduation Fee (PhD) 150
Student Activity Fee (per semester, excludes on-line programs) 50
Student Health Fee 450
Summer 2019-Graduate (per hour) 1,200
Summer 2019-Graduate Audit (per hour) 150
Summer 2019- On-Line Counseling & Human Services (per hour) 1420

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Summer Sessions – Undergraduate 2019

Summer 2019-Undergraduate (per hour) $900
Summer 2019-Undergraduate Audit (per hour) 75
2019-School of Business-Summer Management (per hour) 1,332

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School of Law

Full-time JD Tuition $46,268
LLM & SJD Tuition 46,268
Online Masters in Study of Law (per hour) 964
Summer School 2019 (per hour) 1,542
Technology Fee 275
Student Health Fee 450

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School of Business

Business School Undergraduate Tuition
(including Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA), Fourth Year)
Graduate Programs
MSA, Fifth Year Tuition 51,916
Winston Evening MBA Program, First & Second Year 40,698
Charlotte Evening MBA Program, First & Second Year 40,698
Charlotte Saturday MBA Program, First & Second Year 40,698
Master of Arts in Management Tuition 47,524
MS in Analytics Tuition 51,084
Student Activity Fee
(excludes on-line programs)
Student Health Fee 450

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School of Divinity

Full-Time Tuition $20,600
Part-Time (per hour) 820
Summer School 2019 (per hour) 420
Audit (per hour) 120
Graduation Fee 175
Student Activity Fee 380
Student Health Fee 450

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Other Fees

Student Health Insurance Premium
(Full-time, degree-seeking students)
View Fees
Technology Access Fee (Off-campus undergraduates) 150
New Student Orientation Fee (Undergraduate new or transfer – fall semester only) 270
Explanation of Fees »

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Vehicle Registration

Automobiles- All students must register their vehicle with the Parking and Transportation office.
Reynolda Campus Student Lots- Resident & Commuter $550
Upper Classmen Students – First Assembly & Reynolda Village Parking Areas 330
First Year Undergraduates/Transfer Students – Student Drive Parking Lots 330
Summer Session 2019 Reynolda Campus Parking Lots (per session) 100
Student Satellite Permit 79
Student Permit Replacement 25
Reynolda Campus Lots 50
Summer Session 2019 (per session) 15

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Housing (Per academic year unless otherwise noted)

Single Rooms & Apartments (per year)
All residence halls, apartments and theme houses $11,388
RA Single 2,320
Double Rooms (per year)
All residence halls, theme houses and townhouses (excluding Polo Hall and apartments) 9,560
Triple Room (per year)
All Residence Halls, Themes and Townhouses (if applicable) 8,494
Early Arrival Room Fee (per night) 125
Summer Session 2019
Single rooms (5-week term) 1,044
Double rooms (5-week term) 712
Study Abroad – Wake Forest Semester Programs
London, Venice, Vienna, Salamanca, Cambridge and Dijon (per semester) 4,780
Learn more about study abroad program fees »

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Meal Plans

Please visit the Deacon Dining website for more information regarding each meal plan option.
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