Staff Listing

Office of the Vice President for Finance

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Janet Williams 336.758.5233 Vice President for Finance
Laura Becker 336.758.5233 Administrative Coordinator

Accounts Payable

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Kim Crewey 336.758.7504 Assistant Vice President for Financial Operations
Allison Belton 336.758.5183 Director
Matthew Borlik 336.758.5833 AP Rep: Employee and student travel and entertainment, Pcard holders by first name M-N, Initiates wires & ACHs
Angie Downing 336.758.1981 Sr. AP Rep: AP Journal Entries, Sales, Use, Receipt, Amusement, PST Filings, Account Reconciliations, Pcard holders by first name, O-Z, Initiates wires & ACHs
Glenda Frye 336.758.4641 AP Rep: Trade suppliers by Company name A-H, Pcard holders by first name A-C
Ashley Jones 336.758.1981 Manager
Teresa Leonard 336.758.5235 AP Rep: Trade suppliers by company name I-Z, W-9 forms, mail distribution for AP, Posting of wires, ACHs and tax payments in Banner
Sue Massey 336.758.3834 AP Rep: Individual/Person and Tax Supplier Setup, Pcard holders by first name D-L
Summer Peters 336.758.5690 AP Rep: Athletics, Bookstore, Reynolda House invoices, check distribution, AP research questions, Escheats, Credit memo questions
Donna Poirier 336.758.7016 AP Rep: School of Business
Carly Stafford Brown 336.758.7047 AP Rep: Athletics
Travis Wilkins 336.758.5793 Accounts Payable Assistant

Administration & Strategic Initiatives

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Sharon Anderson 336.758.4311 Director

Budget & Financial Planning

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Shannon Badgett 336.758.3159 Assistant Vice President, Budget & Planning
Matt Grau 336.758.7607 Director, Capital Budgets
Wendy Harper 336.758.1954 Sr. Financial Management Analyst
Emily Neese 336.758.3721 Vice President, Strategy & Operations
Buffi Vestal 336.758.7231 Sr. Financial Management Analyst
Charlene Watkins 336.758.5176 Interim Director

Campus Financial Services

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Karen Hunter 336.758.6089 Business Manager, Receivables/eCommerce
Lisa Jones 336.758.5190 Business Manager, Payables
Dixie Ross 336.758.2596 Director
Jim Smith 336.758.7608 Assistant Director
Renee Wilkins 336.758.3579 Campus Financial Services Representative
Lauren Young 336.758.2528 Campus Financial Services Representative

Finance Systems

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Nathan Anderson 336.758.3554 Director
Kathy Arfmann 336.758.2517 Senior Business Systems Analyst
Jane Chapman 336.758.3130 Reporting Business Analyst
Bridgett Clancy 336.758.2434 Learning and Development Specialist
Brian Collie 336.758.4229 Sr. Analyst/Programmer
Joe Duncan 336.758.7143 Manager, Technical Systems
Natalie Hill 336.758.3126 Senior Business Systems Analyst
Amy Lamy 336.758.4801 Sr. Data Warehouse Analyst
Mike Maedjaja 336.758.3754 Assistant Director

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Marnie Matthews 336.758.5233 Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller
Freddy Acuna 336.758.5186 Accounting Coordinator
Kerri Bolow 336.758.2524 Senior Grant Administrator
Jolene Cox 336.758.3205 Manager, General Accounting
Kimberley Gaines 336.758.5397 Treasury Analyst
Jessica Gorrell 336.758.6408 Manager, Plant Fund
Kameron Gress 336.758.5223 Manager, Endowment & Gift Planning
Muriel Haselden 336.758.5298 Financial Accounting & Reporting Analyst
Jennifer Killingsworth 336.758.4088 Assistant Controller
April Poteat 336.758.5187 Post Award Analyst
Nick Reed 336.758.7167 Director
Ruth Smith 336.758.5977 Accounting Coordinator, Sr.
Valarie Waddell 336.758.3246 Assistant Director, Financial Reporting & Analysis
Jennifer Windell 336.758.5186 Accountant, Fixed Assets


Name Phone Email Job Duties
Kim Crewey 336.758.7504 Assistant Vice President for Financial Operations
Darla Berrier 336.758.2562 Payroll Specialist II
Pam Davis 336.758.3929 Payroll Analyst
Cathy PiƱo 336.758.4861 Senior Administrator, Payroll & Analytics
Jennifer Shore 336.758.4741 Payroll Specialist II
Lucinda Westmoreland 336.758.4867 Director

Procurement Services

Name Phone Email Job Duties
April Britt 336.758.2414 Supplier Administrator
Erika Brown 336.758.5998 PCard Administrator
Kim Culberson 336.758.4124 Procurement Specialist II
Nicolle Gaillard 336.758.5327 Procurement Specialist II
Marla McNear 336.758.4402 Procurement Specialist II
Peter Nachand 336.758.5962 Assoc Director Procurement Svcs
Linda Nichols 336.758.2413 Workday Procurement and Analytics Lead
Patricia Spencer 336.758.4160 Procurement Specialist
Johnny Trevino 336.758.3007 Contract Administrator

Risk Services

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Julie Groves 336.758.4197 Director

Student Financial Services

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Kim Crewey 336.758.7504 Assistant Vice President for Financial Operations
Angie Blomer 336.758.5189 Customer Relationship Representative
Karen Brown 336.758.3086 Director
Jamie Costello 336.758.7410 Manager
Sonya Izzard 336.758.3326 A/R Specialist
Susan McFadyen 336.758.5234 Customer Relationship Rep.
Erica Schoen 336.758.5234 University Cashier
Lesli Driskill 336.758.5234 Customer Relationship Rep.
Kim Widener 336.758.4732 Manager, Student Accounts

Tax Office

Name Phone Email Job Duties
Allison Franklin 336.758.2444 Associate Director
Chris Jessie 336.758.3309 Tax Accountant II