On July 1, 2024, Student Financial Services transitioned to Workday Student Financials. Fall 2024 tuition and fees have been billed as of July 2nd. You can find answers to frequently asked Workday questions here.

Logging in to Workday: When your student adds you as a Third Party User, you will immediately receive two
emails from wfu@myworkday.com, labeled WFU Workday Notification. The first email includes your
username and login link, and the second email includes your temporary password, which you will be asked to
change. If you do not receive these emails as expected, please ask your student to confirm that they entered
your email address correctly, and check your spam folders. For help with locating Workday messages, visit Ask Deac and submit a ticket.

Resetting Passwords: To reset passwords, visit Ask Deac and submit a ticket.

The Workday Student Financials page allows students and users with Third-Party Access to view their student account activity, print account statements, view 1098-T tax forms, and initiate payments. Payments are made via e-check through an automated clearing house.

Workday accounts are automatically set up for all incoming students. Once you receive your Wake Forest email address, you will be able to sign in using that email. Students can access their Student Financials page by logging into Workday, clicking View Profile and then selecting Student Financials.

Important: Student Financial Services does not set up accounts for parents or other third parties. Due to the Family Educational Right of Privacy Act (FERPA), students must authorize friends and families to have access to their accounts; if a student does not set up their parents/guardians or other users with Third-Party Access in Workday, only the student will be able to view their account activity. Third-Party Access within Workday also gives Student Financial Services staff members permission to speak with that individual regarding the student account.

Students: Please ensure that you have set permissions for any third parties who need to be able to view, get proactive notifications and pay towards your student account. Setting permissions is an additional set up from clicking the third party check box. Please click here for the job aid to do this important additional step.

Third Party Users: Please ensure that your student has set up any permissions needed for you to manage their student financial account. Only students can set these permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Payers can pay toward a student’s account but do not have access to view any account details. Guest Payers must have the student’s 8-digit student ID number in order to make a payment to his/her account.