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Whenever possible, faculty and staff should utilize the University credit card for their business travel.  If business travel expenses must be paid by cash or personal credit card, a reimbursement request should be submitted on the Create Expense Report task in Workday.  Documentation to support the business expenditures must be submitted in a timely manner with the necessary approvals.

Advances can only be requested when the expected expenses cannot be prepaid or paid by University credit card.  Advances must be cleared when travel is completed with the the appropriate documentation and any remaining funds must be deposited back to the Advance account.

For more information on the different methods of payment of your travel related expenses, please visit the “FAQ” and “Tools” sections below.  Any forms related to travel can be found under the “Forms” section.



Providing a WFU Tax Exemption Certificate

Travel discounts and booking information

The University has partnered with a number of lodging and car rental providers for discounts. For air travel, the University has partnered with Aladdin Travel & Meeting Planners. See the links below for details:

Travel Tools