The Business Administrators Forum is designed to create a means to share information, exchange ideas, and to foster and maintain an informed and trained campus community on Finance & Administration related processes.

Members of this group benefit from a strong sense of community that is trained on how to do business at Wake Forest, shared knowledge between both the academic and administrative areas, cross-departmental view points leading to improved decision making and operational efficiencies, opportunities to discuss the alignment of business processes with university goals, and a designated information source for Finance and Administration from their area.

The role of a Business Administrator’s Forum member is to support their department’s finance processes, champion/advocate initiatives, and educate their department on finance processes.

For additional information about this group you may contact Financial Services at finsvs@wfu.edu.

We invite you to join our Business Administrators Google Group for information about upcoming meetings and Finance & Administration news. To search for the Google Group:

  1. Select the Google Groups icon or visit the WFU Google Groups page
  2. Click Browse all at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter BAF or Business Administrators in the search bar to search for the matching group: BusinessAdministrators@gg.wfu.edu

Guides and Training Resources

Financial Services has developed a series of quick guides and other training opportunities to assist our campus community with financial processes.

Past Presentations

May 2020

Federal Work Study Update, Unexpensed Credit Card Transaction Report, Fiscal Year-end Reminders

February 2020

Lease Accounting Update (and video), Online Fee Portal, and Procurement & Payment Services Update

November 2019

Lease Accounting Update and FY20 Mid-Year Close Calendar

September  2019

Procurement and Payment Services Updates (includes:  Workday 33, Spousal Travel and other campus worktags, and Procurement Policy rewrite), and Dude Solutions Upgrade to Asset Essentials (work order system)

May 2019

General Accounting Updates (includes: Controller’s Group Reorganization, Fiscal Year End Closing Process and dates, Payroll Closing Calendar), Departmental Deposits, Procurement and Payment Services Update, and Non-Resident Alien and International Visitors (Visa statuses that allow for employment).

February 2019

Administrative Procedures Overview: Contract Management and Spend Authority, 3rd Quarter FY19 Closing Process, and Invoice and Expense Transaction Status Reporting.

November 2018

Workday Feedback (What we heard and key finance enhancements), General Accounting Update, Mid-Year Close, Update on Changes in Procure-to-Pay Process, and Workday Tips & Tricks Round Table Exercise.

September 2018

Introduce Janet Williams (VP for Finance), Departmental Deposit Administrative Policy & Procedure, Workday Tips & Tricks and Q&A with Accounts Payable, and Workday Feedback Round Table Exercise.

March 2018

Merchant Services Update, Wells Fargo Implementation, and Workday Implementation Update (with change management and training information).

November 2017

Financial Services’ Activities Update (Amazon Business, SFS temporary location, electronic W-2s, optional AP form for International Travel, Mid-year end close deadlines, Timing of endowment meetings with large units, Training Resources), Pcard Transition from Bank of America to Wells Fargo, and Contract Management Update.

October 2017

Financial Service’s Personnel Update; University PCard Program Update; Upcoming Policy: Contract Policy and related administrative procedure; and Workday: Round Robin.

May 2017

Facilities’ New Work Order System (SchoolDude); Workday Update: Change Management, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll; Payroll Updates; Student Financial Services (new employee); 2017 Fiscal Year-End Closing Calendar; Petty Cash/Change Fund Policy and Procedures; and Foreign Visitors Over the Summer: What you need to know.

February 2017

Workday:  Change Management and Communication, Getting to Know the Office of Internal Audit, New Faces in Post Award Accounting, Endowment Discussion, Accounts Payable Update

November 2016

Workday Project Update, Submitting Fee Requests by Using the Student Financial Services Fee Portal, Cvent, Update to Accounts Payable Procedures and Processing Requirements

September 2016
Administrative Technology Update, Budget Update, Process Changes for Accounts Payable & Procurement Services, Business Administrator Training Program Update, BAF Meeting Strategy – FY17
Presentation Slides (PDF)

May 2016
“How We Do Business at Wake” Orientation Program, Procurement Services Update, Administrative Technology Update, Human Resources and Payroll
Presentation Slides (PDF)

April 2016
Fiscal Year-End Close Calendar, Need Enhanced Financial Reporting? Financial Services Can Assist, What You Need to Know Before You Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Business Administrator Training – Pilot Kickoff Update, Administrative Technology Update
Presentation Slides (PDF)

March 2016
Mid-year Financial Briefing, Procurement Ideas from last meeting, Business Administrator Orientation & Training Update, What Accounts Payable Can Do For You
Presentation Slides (PDF)

February 2016
Clarification of Unallowable Costs, Campus Financial Reports Update, Business Continuity: What is it? Why is it Important? How Does it Impact My Unit?, Procurement Update, Training Announcement
Presentation Slides (PDF)

December 2015
Unallowable Costs, Payroll Updates, Reimbursement Inquiry
Presentation Slides (PDF)

November 2015
Financial Highlights, Mid-Year Close, Capital Campaign Update and Impact on Restricted Initiatives
Presentation Slides (PDF)

October 2015
University IT Strategic Planning Overview and Developing the Administrative Systems Improvement Roadmap

September 2015
New Account Codes, NOVAtime Update, Cost Principles Policy, Underlying Procedures and the Uniform Guidance
Presentation Slides (PDF)

May 2015
Update on Key Activities, Fiscal Year End Calendar, Capital Project Policy, Accounts Payable Panel Discussion
Presentation Slides (PDF)

April 2015
A Cause for Action, International Travel Forms and Policies
Presentation Slides (PDF)

March 2015
Training Update, Electronic W4 and NC4, Fixed Asset Policy & Procedure Update, What’s New with Deacon Depot
Presentation Slides (PDF)

February 2015
Cancelled due to inclement weather

January 2015
Training Update and Discussion
Presentation Slides (PDF)

December 2014
New Faces in Finance, New User Interface for PCard, PCard Program Enhancements, Deacon Depot Enhancements, FY14 Financial Highlights, Electronic W-2s
Presentation Slides (PDF)

November 2014
New Faces in Finance, Portfolio of Financial Service & Key Activities, SRI Update: Business Process Improvement Initiative, What You Need to Know Before You Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Procurement Services Updates, Accounts Payable Policy Updates, Business Administrator Orientation
Presentation Slides (PDF)

May 2014
What You Need to Know About Protecting Sensitive Data, Fiscal Year-End Closing Calendar, Campus Financial Reporting Technology Update
Presentation Slides (PDF)

April 2014
How To Plan an Event or Conference, Procurement Fiscal Year-End Deadlines, Internal Service Providers Coming to Deacon Depot
Presentation Slides (PDF)

March 2014
Introduction to John Shenette – Associate Vice President Facilities & Campus Services, Wake Forest Properties, Procurement News, Finance Website Feedback Forum
Presentation Slides (PDF)

January 2014
Departmental Deposits – What You Need to Know and Upcoming Changes
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Departmental Deposit Quick Guide (PDF)
Departmental Deposit Form (XLS)

December 2013
PCard – New User Interface, Policy & Procedure for Charitable Contributions Made by the University, Exempt PTO Tracking in NOVAtime, Electronic W-2’s
Presentation Slides (PDF)

November 2013
Mid-Year Close, Business Process Evaluation, Standard Payment Terms, Finance Training Update
Presentation Slides (PDF)

May 2013
Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures and Deadlines, Financial Reporting Update, Finance Training Opportunities
Presentation Slides (PDF)

April 2013
Advancement and Capital Campaign Overview, Facilitated Discussion of Gift Accounting and Reporting, Procurement Fiscal Year-End Dates, Finance Training Opportunities
Presentation Slides (PDF)

March 2013

Bringing Foreign Nationals to Wake Forest, Human Resources Update, CFAR Buddy System, What are Direct Pays and Which Forms Do I Use?, Update on Policies and Procedures, Upcoming Training
Presentation Slides (PDF)

February 2013
The Growing Significance of Financial Aid in Higher Education, University Contractual Obligations, Everything You Need to Know Before and After You Travel for Wake Forest, New Financial Services Website
Presentation Slides (PDF)

December 2012
Lions, Tigers and Auditors…Oh My!, University Code of Conduct, Exempt  PTO Management, Journal Entry Training Development
Presentation Slides  (PDF)

November 2012 
Graylyn International Conference Center, 12/31/2012 Mid-Year Close, Document Imaging/Management and Workflow
Presentation Slides (PDF)

October 2012
Budget Development, University Fringe Benefit Rates, Sutton Weelness & Recreation Center, Risk Services Overview
Presentation Slides (PDF)

September 2012
Deacon Depot Tips & Tricks, PCard Update, Cognos/Excel Tips, and Finance Initiative Updates
Presentation Slides (PDF)

May 2012
Fiscal Year 2012 Closing Procedures and Update, CFR Group Development Planning, and Procurement Services and Office Depot Update
Presentation Slides (PDF)

April 2012
PricewaterhouseCoopers presents An Industry Briefing for Campus Finance Representatives
Presentation Slides (PDF)

March 2012
Information Security Update, Technology Update for Finance & Administration, and University Stores Overview
Presentation Slides (PDF)



All Finance and Administration policies can be found on the University Policy Library website.