Account Responsibility

Wake Forest Students are financially responsible for making payment to the University. Failure to receive a statement does not warrant exemption from the payment of tuition and fees or from penalties and restrictions.

Failure to pay balances due on a student account may result in a financial hold. This hold will prevent registration, change of registration and processing of official transcripts. This hold does not prevent transmission of grades.

Students who have not pre-registered for courses will be required to make payment for tuition, fees, required deposits and any past-due balance at the time of registration.

All Wake Forest students are assigned a WFU Google Mail account. That e-mail account is used by Student Financial Services to communicate financial information to the student such as hold notifications. It’s the student’s responsibility to forward those emails to the appropriate parties.

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Credit Balances & Refunds

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid awards are applied to student accounts as follows:

Type of Financial AidHow Applied
Outside ScholarshipsEvenly between fall and spring semesters, unless otherwise instructed by benefactor.
Denmark, Hutchins, Wallace and DB BryanAfter a promissory note has been signed.
Federal Direct LoansUpon receipt of the funds.

Please click here for more information regarding financial aid.

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Past Due Accounts

A student with past-due balances cannot:

  • change a current semester registration
  • register for future semesters
  • receive an official transcript of academic record- Please contact SFS for assistance.
  • have academic credits certified
  • receive a diploma upon graduation

In addition, a student with a past-due balance may be subject to cancellation from classes. WFU reserves the right to place unpaid student accounts with an outside collection agency until the balance is satisfied.

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Tuition Concession

University employees and their families who enroll as students and use the tuition concession benefit offered through Human Resources are required to meet Wake Forest payment deadlines and follow all policies and procedures.

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Returned Checks/Rejected Payments

All returned checks and rejected eCheck payments will be assessed a $25 fee. Student Financial Services will notify students/authorized payers of returned or rejected payments as follows:

Returned Checks: A letter will be mailed to the student’s primary address on file or an email will be sent to the student’s Wake Forest email address.

Rejected eCheck Payments: An email will be sent to the student and authorized payer email addresses as specified in DEAC.

If an account indicates a history of returned checks, the University may require future payments by cash, money order or certified check.

* This policy is not applicable to the monthly payment plan. *

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Refund of Charges Policy

University Disruption Refund Policy

Prepaid Health Care Debit Cards

Wake Forest does not accept prepaid health care debit cards as a method of payment for Deacon Health charges. Students/parents should request that their medical prepaid plan provider issue a check made payable to Wake Forest University for the charges. The check should include the Student ID Number.

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Employer and Company Tuition Payments and Reimbursements

Students attending professional or graduate programs offered by the Wake Forest School of Business or the Graduate Schools must abide by the official Wake Forest University tuition due dates schedule listed below. If a student’s employer is reimbursing  or paying for their educational expenses and that reimbursement falls after the due date, the student must contact their school’s Office of Financial Aid for information regarding a student loan or other means to cover expenses for the first semester of enrollment until they can receive reimbursement from their employer. Failure to have balances paid by the tuition due date may result in an account hold or class cancellation.

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