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Office of the Vice President for Finance, Strategy and Planning
Oversees the operations of Financial Services which is comprised of Accounts Payable, Budget & Financial Planning, Campus Financial Services, Controller’s Office, Finance Systems, Payroll, Procurement, Risk Services, Strategic Initiatives, Student Financial Services, Tax and Treasury.
Email 336.758.5233 336.758.3120
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable processes all outgoing payments made by the University, as well as employee reimbursement requests.
Email 336.758.1981 336.758.6163
Budget and Financial Planning
The Budget Office evaluates budget vs actual performance throughout the fiscal year and assists in budget development and submission, as well as representing departmental budget plans to University leadership.
Email 336.758.7231 336.758.4397
Campus Financial Services
Provides financial management assistance to various campus departments and assists with the communication of financial management best practices to the campus-at-large.
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Controller’s Office
Accounting, Reporting and Treasury Services include interim and year-end financial closings (e.g. journal entries, Cognos financial reports, University financial statements), general ledger maintenance (e.g. new funds, orgs, accounts, activity codes and location codes), capital projects, fixed assets and equipment inventories, sponsored grants, endowment and gift accounting, and banking and treasury.
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Finance Systems
Assists the various departments of Finance by providing technology acquisition & support, project implementation leadership, training, and business process analysis.
Email 336.758.3130 336.758.3778
The Payroll office administers the University timekeeping application and processes pay statements for all campus employees.
Email 336.758.2960 336.758.3607
Procurement Services
Assists in product research, locating and selecting suppliers, obtaining competitive and contract pricing, and administers the University Pcard
Email 336.758.UBUY (8289) 336.758.4823
Risk Services
Risk Services works to protect the University community and its resources by identifying and managing risks on campus.
Email 336.758.4197 336.758.3120
Strategic Initiatives
Facilitates the strategic plan for Financial & Accounting Services, partners as needed on strategic priorities of FAS relevant to best practices, technologies to reduce dependency on manual intensive & paper processes, internal controls, administrative policies & procedures, & communication. Supports & facilitates the Enterprise Risk Management framework & process for the University using a distributed risk ownership model.
Email 336.758.4311 336.758.3120
Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services is the depository office for the funds of all University departments and is responsible for the billing and collection of all tuition and fees along with refunding any over payments. The cashier processes student payment transactions for tuition, fees and other campus charges, such as parking, meal plans and residence hall rent.
Email 336.758.5234 336.758.4004
Tax Office
Responsible for preparing the federal and state tax returns for the University and its Foundations. We also also review payments (i.e. scholarships) to Foreign Nationals to determine if a tax treaty applies or if federal or state tax should be withheld. We do not prepare Forms W-2 or 1098-T. Please contact the Payroll Department for your W-2 questions and Student Financial Services for your 1098-T questions.
Email 336.758.3309 336.758.3120