Expense Reimbursements

There are two different types of expenditures students might incur:

  • If the expenses to be reimbursed are incurred for the benefit of Wake Forest University, then they should be submitted on an Expenditure voucher or a Travel & Entertainment voucher (i.e.travel by a student to represent WFU for recruiting purposes, supplies purchased by hall directors for student activities, etc.)
  • If the expenses incurred can be viewed as an educational benefit to the student (i.e. travel to conferences, supplies used for classes, etc), they should be submitted on a Student Disbursement form.

For further instructions on completing the applicable form, go to the “FAQ” tab. Links to the forms can be found under the “Forms” tab.

For details, please see the Forms and Documents section of the site.

International Travel Authorization Form

Individuals and groups traveling abroad using WFU funds are required to complete International Travel Information Forms available from the Center for International Studies website.

IRS Tax Forms

Use these forms when submitting tax information to Accounts Payable:

Payment Approval Procedures

Full Signatures are required when approving documents for payment. Initials are not acceptable. The approval signature means that the approver recognizes the items have been received, the funds are being used for a bona-fide business purpose and that the approver authorizes the payment.

If a student group has any questions about the approval of invoices or expense reimbursements, please contact Jennifer Morris, Finance Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office, by email at morrisjl@nullwfu.edu or phone at 336.758.4066 or the Student Government Treasurer.