Welcome to Forest Funds a WFU-managed VISA gift card program that offers a convenient way for departments to purchase gift cards.  Forest Funds gift cards are for the purposes listed below.  This program is not designed for purchasing on behalf of the University.  When purchasing items for University use, please use your University PCard.

Forest Fund gift cards can be used for various needs of our campus, such as: 

  • research incentive payments,
  • prizes and awards, 
  • so much more…

Selecting Forest Funds as your gift card solution offers several benefits, including: 

  • The program offers both plastic and digital options
  • Recipients will receive the full amount of the gift card (fees apply for lost cards)
  • Recipients complete the electronic Forest Funds Gift Card Log vs researchers maintaining a paper or Excel log
  • Researchers no longer have to reconcile or clear advances through Workday
  • Cards can be ordered from your office through the use of Workday
  • Cards can be delivered to your department
  • Cards can be ordered as needed – gone are the days of forecasting how many recipients may show up for a research study
  • Plastic cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted 
  • Digital cards can be used online with any VISA merchant

Ordering and Processing Times

Both plastic and digital cards should be ordered using the Internal Service Delivery (ISD) task in Workday. Payment Services will maintain approximately 100 cards on hand. Be aware that inventory levels could be lower depending on campus requests. 

Below are the processing times (processing times begin after all approvals have been obtained) depending on inventory levels and needs:

CircumstanceAllow for Processing Days
Plastic Card orders that can be fulfilled with on-hand inventory3-5 business days
Plastic Card orders that cannot be fulfilled with on-hand inventory10 – 15 business days
Plastic Card Bulk orders of 50 or more cards10 – 15 business days
Digital Card orders (all orders are on-demand)3 – 7 business days

Applicable Program Fees

Plastic Card VISA fee $2.95 per card (department pays)
Digital Card VISA fee$1.00 (department pays)
Lost Plastic Card fee$15.00 (recipient pays – reduced from card amount)
Lost Digital Card fee (reload on digital)$0.00
Lost Digital Card fee (reload to plastic)$15.00

Frequently Asked Questions


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