Procuring Goods and Services


Procurement Services helps you get the best value for items you buy on behalf of Wake Forest University.  We assist with product research, supplier selection, competitive pricing and problem resolution.  Need assistance with a purchase? Find out who to contact.

Uniform Guidance
The University has delayed the implementation of the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards until July 1, 2018 as provided by the waiver of the procurement rules stated in COFAR FAQ, Section 110-6.  In the interim, the OMB Circulars will apply to grants and cooperative agreements.

Multi-Functional Devices
Wake Forest has implemented a cost-per-copy program for multi-functional devices.  The program applies to Reynolda Campus, Graylyn Conference Center and Reynolda House Museum of American Art.  Devices are provided by Xerox Corporation.  See our page on MFD’s for more information.

Negotiated Discounts
For a listing of discounts negotiated by Procurement Services for University use: 
WFU Contract Discounts 
For a listing of discounts offered to employees for Personal use:
WFU Employee Discounts



Contact Procurement Services at or 336-758-UBUY (8289).

How To

For purchases of items or services less than $2500.

  • Effective July 1, 2018, use Workday for your one-stop e-Procurement shopping.
  • Use your University P-Card for Travel and Entertainment related expenses.

For purchases of items or services over $2500.

  • If the supplier only takes payment at the time of purchase, contact Procurement Services on the UBUY line (ext. 8289) or at
  • If you plan to use the supplier more than one time, use the Create Supplier Request in Workday.
  • Items that are sole sourced must have the sole source document completed in Workday.
  • Any exception to these specifications requires review and prior approval by Procurement Services.

Need help deciding what supplier to use?

Please contact us at, or call UBUY (ext. 8289)

Policies & Procedures

Procurement Services establishes the principle procurement policy recommendations and administrative guidelines for the Reynolda Campus. The department:

  • strives to offer a high level of customer service by providing quality products and services at the best cost
  • encourages expanding relationships with diverse, local and small business enterprises
  • participates in sustainable business practices

Ways to learn about the Procurement Policy:
Download the policy:  Reynolda Campus Procurement Policy
Print the Procurement Quick Guide

Receipt Tax
If your purchase is for resale, sales and use tax is not levied at the time of purchase. The vendor must be provided an exemption certificate in order to grant us an exemption of sales tax on such purchases.

When a department at the University sells items, the department must collect receipt tax at the time the item is sold. This tax is not refundable. The department making the sale is responsible for depositing the tax collected into account 111111-21021 and reporting it on the Monthly Departmental Sales Tax Form

If you have any questions regarding receipt tax, please contact