Bid & Quotation Specifications

Value Specifications
$10,000 or Below

  • Use PCard or Purchase Order when possible.
  • Alternate purchases among multiple suppliers.
  • Make rational decisions.
  • Document as necessary for approvals and payment.
$10,001 – $125,000
  • Use Purchase Order when possible.
  • Seek adequate price competition.
  • Consider price as a significant evaluation criteria.
  • Include other evaluation criteria.
  • Keep detailed documentation.
  • Comply with University sourcing strategy.
$125,001 – $250,000
  • Engage with Procurement team before market solicitation.
  • Include diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility criteria.
  • Follow $10K+ guidance.
$250,001 – Above
  • Include Procurement team in early requirements planning.
  • Perform cost or price analysis to affirm price reasonableness.
  • Follow $125K+ guidance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Consult with Procurement & Payment Services before engaging with suppliers on purchases greater than $125,000.
  • Seek adequate competition (i.e., two or more responsible offers) for purchases greater than $10,000.
  • Request advance approval in Workday for “Single/Sole Source” requests.
  • Seek guidance from the Procurement & Payment Services team before entering “Direct Pay” agreements.
  • Do not make purchases unless you have adequate spend authority. See Spend Authority and Administrative Procedure.
  • Do not sign contracts unless you have authority to do so. See Contract Management Administrative Procedure.