What is APC and why is it necessary?

APC stands for associated program costs. There are many unallocated costs associated with the receipt and administration of gift funds. The purpose of APC is to more appropriately allocate the costs associated with gift funds with their use.

How is APC administered?

APC is administered at a flat rate of 8% per gift. The following information relates to the administration of APC on restricted funds. For questions regarding APC on gifts to unrestricted funds, please contact the Office of Budget and Financial Planning.

How is APC administered on EN funds?

The cost of using an endowment gift is booked in conjunction with spendable distribution.  Distribution will be shown net of related APC charges.

How is APC administered on SP funds?

In general, gifts are subject to an 8% charge when the gift is used. The charge is calculated based on expenses incurred and is booked monthly to account 70022 – Allocation – Associated Program Costs.