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The Payroll office administers the University timekeeping application and processes pay statements for all campus employees.

As a student employee, please be sure to visit the Student Employment page of the Financial Aid website.

Have Payroll questions?
Contact Payroll at or Phone: 336.758.2960; Fax: 336.758.3607


NOVAtime Student

NOVAtime is the time-keeping application for the University. A Quick Guide has been developed to assist students in completing specific tasks or understanding specific functions within the application.For more information on NOVAtime, click the NOVAtime link in the Toolbox on the left sidebar of this page.


WF@Work is a web portal that offers faculty, staff, and student workers electronic access to view their payroll and benefits information.

WF@Work provides many benefits including:

  • Giving faculty, staff, and student workers the ability to view personal information from 2005 forward, including current benefit elections, payroll deductions, tax information, pay statements, and W-2 information.
  • Streamlining administrative processes and reducing the potential for errors.
  • Promoting Wake Forest’s commitment to sustainability by reducing our dependency on paper.
  • Greater security for your personal information.

To access WF@Work, log into your WIN account and click the Personal link at the top of the page. View this brief WF@Work tutorial to understand how the portal works.

Need Technical Assistance getting into WIN?
Contact The Bridge at or 336.758.HELP (4357).

Human Resources Tools
Employment FAQ

Payroll Calendar 2018 - Monthly

YearPayroll IDPayroll NumberStart of Pay PeriodEnd Of Pay PeriodCheck DateCampus Deadline to HR
2018MO & GS101/01/1801/31/1801/31/1801/19/18
2018MO & GS202/01/1802/28/1802/28/1802/16/18
2018MO & GS303/01/1803/31/1803/29/1803/19/18
2018MO & GS404/01/1804/30/1804/30/1804/18/18
2018MO & GS505/01/1805/31/1805/31/1805/18/18
2018MO & GS606/01/1806/30/1806/29/1806/01/18
2018MO & GS707/01/1807/31/1807/31/1807/11/18
2018MO & GS808/01/1808/31/1808/31/1808/16/18
2018MO & GS909/01/1809/30/1809/28/1809/15/18
2018MO & GS1010/01/1810/31/1810/31/1810/15/18
2018MO & GS1111/01/1811/30/1811/30/1811/15/18
2018MO & GS1212/01/1812/31/1812/21/1812/11/18

Payroll Calendar 2018 - Biweekly Non-Exempt/Student

YearPayroll IDPayroll No.Start of Pay PeriodEnd of Pay PeriodCheck DateTime Card Approval DateTime Card Approval TimeCampus Deadline to HR
2018BW & ST112/16/201712/29/20171/5/20181/2/201810 A.M12/15/2017
2018BW & ST212/30/20171/12/20181/19/20181/15/2018Noon1/10/2018
2018BW & ST31/13/20181/26/20182/2/20181/29/2018Noon1/24/2018
2018BW & ST41/27/20182/9/20182/16/20182/12/2018Noon2/7/2018
2018BW & ST52/10/20182/23/20183/2/20182/26/2018Noon2/21/2018
2018BW & ST62/24/20183/9/20183/16/20183/12/2018Noon3/7/2018
2018BW & ST73/10/20183/23/20183/29/20183/25/2018Noon3/21/2018
2018BW & ST83/24/20184/6/20184/13/20184/9/2018Noon4/4/2018
2018BW & ST94/7/20184/20/20184/27/20184/23/2018Noon4/18/2018
2018BW & ST104/21/20185/4/20185/11/20185/7/2018Noon5/2/2018
2018BW & ST115/5/20185/18/20185/25/20185/21/2018Noon5/16/2018
2018BW & ST125/19/20186/1/20186/8/20186/4/2018Noon5/30/2018
2018BW & ST136/2/20186/15/20186/22/20186/18/2018Noon6/1/2018
2018BW & ST146/16/20186/29/20187/6/20186/29/2018Noon6/1/2018
2018BW & ST156/30/20187/13/20187/20/20187/16/2018Noon7/10/2018
2018BW & ST167/14/20187/27/20188/3/20187/30/2018Noon7/25/2018
2018BW & ST177/28/20188/10/20188/17/20188/13/2018Noon8/7/2018
2018BW & ST188/11/20188/24/20188/31/20188/27/2018Noon8/21/2018
2018BW & ST198/25/20189/7/20189/14/20189/10/2018Noon9/4/2018
2018BW & ST209/8/20189/21/20189/28/20189/24/2018Noon9/18/2018
2018BW & ST219/22/201810/5/201810/12/201810/8/2018Noon10/2/2018
2018BW & ST2210/6/201810/19/201810/26/201810/22/2018Noon10/16/2018
2018BW & ST2310/20/201811/2/201811/9/201811/5/2018Noon10/30/2018
2018BW & ST2411/3/201811/16/201811/21/201811/16/2018Noon11/13/2018
2018BW & ST2511/17/201811/30/201812/7/201812/3/2018Noon11/27/2018
2018BW & ST2612/1/201812/14/201812/21/201812/17/2018Noon12/11/2018

University Holiday Schedule

Web resources
North Carolina Department of Revenue
IRS Website – a pay check what-if calculator
Federal Form W-4 (Federal Withholding) Calculator


NC-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (2013)
NC-4 EZ Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (2014)
NC-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (2014)
W-2 Instructions
W-4: Federal Withholding

The Direct Deposit form is now available electronically in WIN. Find it under Personal>Online Bills>Direct Deposit Authorization & Maintenance

Policies & Procedures

Employment policies and procedures
For additional payroll related policies and procedures please visit Human Resources Policy & Procedures.

Gifts Prizes and Awards Procedures
Gifts Prizes and Awards Policy