Who to Contact?

For general inquiries Procurement Services can be reached on the UBUY  line (ext. 8289).

Responsibility Contact Name Phone Email
Supplier Setup Patty Spencer 336-758-4160 spencepg@nullwfu.edu
Supplier Setup Diane Wise 336-758-2412 wisede@nullwfu.edu
University PCard Erika Brown 336-758-5998 brownel@nullwfu.edu

If you have questions regarding specific commodities please contact the assigned buyer below.

Commodity Contact Name Phone Email
Appliances Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Architects Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Art equipment and supplies Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Athletics (Fitness Equipment) Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Audio Visual Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Audit Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Banking/Financial Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Building Automation Kim Culberson 336-758-4124 culberkw@nullwfu.edu
Building Services (window washing, landscaping, paint, electrical, ACM removal, pest control, etc.) Kim Culberson 336-758-4124 culberkw@nullwfu.edu
Catering/Hospitality Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Charter Services Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Computer Peripherals Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Computers/Hardware Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Construction Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Copiers Patty Spencer 336-758-4160 spencepg@nullwfu.edu
Document Storage Diane Wise 336-758-2412 wisede@nullwfu.edu
EH&S (chemicals, hazardous waste) Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Employee Search Services Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Engineers Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Event Equipment Rental Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Food/Beverage Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Freight Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Furniture Kim Culberson 336-758-4124 culberkw@nullwfu.edu
General Building Support Equipment (generators, etc.) Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
General University Services (non-facilities) Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
HR/Benefits Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Insurance Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Interior Design Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Janitorial Services Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Janitorial Supplies Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Landscape Equipment Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Laundry Equipment/Services Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Leases Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Library (including High Density Shelving) Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Marketing Related Services Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Mobile Communication Devices Patty Spencer 336-758-4160 spencepg@nullwfu.edu
Moving/Relocation Services Patty Spencer 336-758-4160 spencepg@nullwfu.edu
MRO Supplies (electrical, plumbing, general) Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Office Supplies Patty Spencer 336-758-4160 spencepg@nullwfu.edu
Pharmaceuticals/Medical Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Printing Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Promotional Items Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Roofing Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Scientific Equipment Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Scientific Services Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Security Supplies and Equipment Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Shredding Services Diane Wise 336-758-2412 wisede@nullwfu.edu
Signage Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 nachan@nullwfu.edu
Small Construction Kim Culberson 336-758-4124 culberkw@nullwfu.edu
Software Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Temporary Services Rosey Murton 336-758-1987 murtonrm@nullwfu.edu
Travel Services Eudora Struble 336-758-2414 strublej@nullwfu.edu
Uniforms/Apparel Marla McNear 336-758-4402 mcnearml@nullwfu.edu
Vehicles (transportation, fleet, vehicle fuel) Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 ngaillar@nullwfu.edu
Waste Disposal Kim Culberson 336-758-4124 culberkw@nullwfu.edu