University PCard Agreement

This document verifies cardholder understanding and acceptance of specific terms and conditions for participation in the University Purchasing Card (PCard) program.
  • As the holder of this Wake Forest University PCard, I acknowledge that:
    • I have completed the PCard training, have been issued a University PCard for use while engaged in University business, and will use this PCard for University-related expenses only.
    • The PCard is intended for small-dollar purchases (not to exceed my authorized single transaction limit) or travel-related expenses (without regard to dollar amount).
    • Larger transactions may not be split to be below my authorized single transaction limit.
  • As the holder of this Wake Forest University PCard, I acknowledge that:
    • That I understand that I will be making financial commitments on behalf of Wake Forest University and will strive to obtain the best value for Wake Forest University.
    • To comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all applicable University policies and procedures.
    • To be the only person to use the PCard issued in my name, and that I am responsible for keeping the PCard number safeguarded and confidential at all times.
    • To collect detailed receipts, document the legitimate business purpose, approve charges, and reconcile transactions on a timely basis in Workday.
    • That personal or fraudulent use of a PCard as well as abuse (personal gain) or misuse (work-related gain) may result in immediate revocation of the PCard and could result in corrective action up to and including termination and/or criminal action. In addition, the University may seek restitution for any non-allowable charges.
    • That Wake Forest University may terminate my right to use this PCard at any time for any reason.
    • That if unreconciled transactions initiated by me are older than 60 days from the transaction date, such transactions will be treated as personal expenditures and will be treated as taxable income to me.
    • That no charges on the PCard issued to me are being claimed for reimbursement from Wake Forest University through any other means or from another source.
    • I will not request or receive cash from suppliers as a result of exchanges, returns, or rebates.
    • To notify Wells Fargo immediately by calling (800) 932-0036 as well as the University PCard Administrator at (336) 758-5998 if the PCard issued to me is lost or stolen.
  • As the holder of this Wake Forest University Purchasing Card (PCard), I acknowledge that I have read or will read the following policies, procedures, and manual and will seek guidance from the University’s PCard Administrator if I do not understand the contents of these documents:

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