University PCard Agreement

This document verifies cardholder understanding and acceptance of specific terms and conditions for participation in the University Purchasing Card (PCard) program.

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As the holder of this Wake Forest University PCard, I acknowledge that:*
As the holder of this Wake Forest University Purchasing Card (PCard), I acknowledge that I have read or will read the following policies, procedures, and manual and will seek guidance from the University’s PCard Administrator if I do not understand the contents of these documents:*
I understand that Wake Forest University may terminate my right to use this PCard at any time for any reason, and I agree to return the PCard to the PCard Administrator or my approver immediately upon request or upon termination of employment. I further understand that the improper use of a PCard may result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of cardholder privileges, up to and including the termination of my employment.*
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