AP Payment Schedule

AP Payment Schedule

Accounts Payable processes checks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, exceptions are made to accommodate campus or postal holidays.

Because of potential increased volume, Accounts Payable cannot promise immediate processing of invoices and reimbursements.

Checks are processed by a third party and will be mailed from Jacksonville, FL.

If checks must be printed outside the normal check run schedule, the department requesting the additional check processing may incur a $25 processing fee.

Invoice Processing Times versus Supplier Invoice Terms

Processing Times: Accounts Payable is committed to processing complete and accurate invoices and reimbursements (entering the invoice or reimbursement for payment) within 5 business days for invoices and 10 business days for reimbursement requests. If the documentation is not complete, Accounts Payable will return the documentation to the appropriate person(s) for resolution. After the documentation is returned to Accounts Payable, the processing time starts over again.

Invoice Stated Terms: Accounts Payable will pay invoices according to terms stated on the invoice. Terms are payment deadlines that the vendor has negotiated with the requesting department or Procurement Services. Terms dictate how many days from the invoice date that the check will be processed.

To ensure all discounts are taken and the University pays within terms stated on the invoice, it is very important that invoices be forwarded to Accounts Payable as quickly as possible.

Where to Submit Invoices for Payment
Departments submitting invoices, credit memos, University Procurement Card statements and reimbursement requests should mail documentation to Accounts Payable, UCC and use interoffice mail.