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Accounts Payable
Allison Belton, Director 336-758-5183
Kim Crewey, Assistant Controller, Financial Operations 336-758-7504
Angie Downing, Sr. AP Representative
AP Journal Entries, Sales, Use, Receipt, Amusement, PST Filings, Account Reconciliations, Pcard holders by first name, O-Z, Initiates wires & ACHs
Glenda Frye, AP Representative
Trade suppliers by Company name A-H, Pcard holders by first name A-C
Alice Hernandez, AP Representative
Employee and student travel and entertainment, Pcard holders by first name M-N, Initiates wires & ACHs
Teresa Leonard, AP Representative
Trade suppliers by company name I-Z, W-9 forms, mail distribution for AP, Posting of wires, ACHs and tax payments in Banner
Sue Massey, AP Representative
Supplier setup, Pcard holders by first name D-L
Summer Peters, AP Representative
Athletics, Bookstore, Reynolda House invoices, check distribution, AP research questions, Escheats, Credit memo questions
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Budget and Financial Planning
James Shore, Assistant VP for Budget & Financial Planning 336-758-1955
Shannon Badgett, Assistant Director 336-758-3159
Mandy Martin, Financial Management Analyst 336-758-4402
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Campus Financial Services                              
Dixie Ross, Director 336-758-2596
Scott Emerson 336-758-2139
Lisa F. Jones 336-758-5190
Joel Rogers 336-758-4246
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Controller’s Office
Brandon Gilliland, AVP for Finance & Controller 336-758-5233
Amy Ciaccia, Assistant to the AVP for Finance & Controller 336-758-5233
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Finance Systems
Nathan Anderson, Director 336-758-3554
Kathy Arfmann, Financial Systems Administrator 336-758-2517
Jane Chapman, Reporting Business Analyst 336-758-3130
Brian Collie, Senior Analyst/Programmer 336-758-4229
Brett Hewitt, EAM Applications Administrator 336-758-6195
Natalie Hill, eProcurement Application Administrator 336-758-3126
Amy Lamy, Senior Data Warehouse Analyst 336-758-4801
Dennis McClure, Reporting Analyst 336-758-3754
Jennifer H. Rogers, Training & Communication Specialist 336-758-5648
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Financial Accounting & Reporting
Carol Burns, Associate Controller 336-758-3201
Freddy Acuna, Accounting Coordinator 336-758-5186
Michelle Stanley, Grants Accountant 336-758-2524
Ghazala Bibi, Financial Reporting Analyst 336-758-5298
Jessica Gorrell, Accountant, Plant Fund 336-758-6408
Kameron Gress, Senior Accountant, Endowment & Gifts 336-758-5223
Lauren Young, Accounting Coordinator, Endowment & Gifts 336-758-2582
Kathryn Hackworth, Accountant, Fixed Assets 336-758-4096
Wendy Harper, Assistant Director, Endowment & Gifts 336-758-1954
Debbie Hellmann, Manager, Grants Accounting 336-758-5187
Jennifer Killingsworth, Manager, General Accounting 336-758-4088
Jeff Manning, Assistant Director, Audit & Compliance 336-758-7167
Ruth Smith, Accounting Coordinator, Sr. 336-758-5977
Terri Tyson, Accountant, General Accounting 336-758-3205
Valarie Waddell, Assistant Director, Financial Reporting & Analysis 336-758-3246
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Kim Crewey, Assistant Controller, Financial Operations 336-758-7504
Cathy Dillingham, Director 336-758-4861
Pam Davis, Payroll Coordinator, Senior
Faculty, Exempt Staff & Student Payroll
Michelle Fender, Data Integrity Specialist 336-758-2562
Whitney Parks, Payroll Coordinator, II
Non-Exempt Payroll
Buffi Vestal, Payroll Coordinator, Lead 336-758-5184

Procurement Services
Dawn Cadd, P-Card Administrator 336-758-5998
David Carlson, Warehouse Manager 336-758-4161
Kim Culberson, Procurement Assistant 336-758-4124
Nicolle Gaillard, Procurement Specialist II 336-758-5327
Laura Jane Kist, Procurement Specialist II 336-758-5138
Michael Logan, Manager, Strategic Sourcing 336-758-5149
Amy Mabe, Supplier & Contract Specialist 336-758-2414
Lisa Morgan, Warehouse Assistant 336-758-5658
Rosey Murton, Director, Procurement Services 336-758-1987
Peter Nachand, Associate Director, Procurement Services 336-758-5962
Linda Nichols, Business Analyst 336-758-2413
Diane Wise, Administrative Coordinator 336-758-2412
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Risk Services
Julie Groves, Insurance Administrator 336-758-4197

Strategic Initiatives
Sharon Anderson, Director 336-758-4311
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Student Financial Services
Karen Brown, Student Financial Services Manager 336-758-3086
Kim Crewey, Assistant Controller, Financial Operations 336-758-7504
Bernice Cook, A/R Representative 336-758-5234
Samantha Fields, Staff Accountant, Billing & Reconciliation 336-758-5892
Karen Hunter, Bank Card Services Administrator 336-758-6089
Sonya Izzard, A/R Representative 336-758-3326
Susan McFadyen, A/R Representative 336-758-5234
Erica Schoen, A/R Representative 336-758-5234
Michelle Van Meter, A/R Representative 336-758-5234
Kim Widener, A/R Representative 336-758-4732

Tax Office
Anne Davenport, Director 336-758-3760
Chris Jessie, Tax Accountant 336-758-3309
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