maedjamt, Author at Financial Services

Mid-Year Close information

It’s that time of year again! No, not turkeys and Christmas trees…it’s time to start thinking about our Mid-Year Close!!

We’ve had such great success over the past couple of years with our Mid-Year Close that we have simply added the calendar to our website. Many of you have experienced Mid-Year Close several times and probably feel like you have a handle on the way things work. To those we say, enjoy the calendar at your leisure and plan accordingly.

Some of you may be new to the University and have more questions. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us should you need assistance. Additionally, use the following contact information for assistance with questions related to these specific topics:

  • Cash Swap – x5186
  • Center Grants – x4189
  • Deposits/Accts Receivable – x5234
  • Encumbrances – Purchasing – x8289
  • Encumbrances – Salary & Fringe – x2960
  • Fixed Assets – x4096 or x6408
  • General Questions/Journal Entries – x5977
  • Invoices/Reimbursements/Check Payments – x5690
  • Journal Entry Uploads – x5186
  • Invoices/Reimbursements/Check Payments – x5690
  • Operating Budget –
  • Payroll – x2960
  • Projects – x4096 or x6408
  • Grants & Designated Funds – x7167
  • Restricted Contributions & Endowment Funds – x5223

Fiscal Year End Close Key Dates

The key dates for information to be submitted or reviewed for the fiscal year end process have been added to the WFU Events calendar, and display on the calendar on the home page of the Finance website. Simply click on the title to see the key information for that date. You can also then add the task to your Google calendar for easy tracking.

Also, you can find the quick guide that was presented during year-end training here. For those who may be new to the University or have additional questions, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us should you need assistance.