Workday Tips & Tricks

This is a collection of tips and tricks shared in the weekly Financial Services’ Update emails.

Functional Area Tip Description
All How to duplicate a Workday tab:

Opening a duplicate tab of Workday allows you to see and work with multiple Workday screens open simultaneously.

With the following process, you can add as many duplicate browser tabs with Workday as you need:
1. Open Workday
2. While on the Workday home screen, right click on the current open Workday tab (looks like a manila folder tab) in the top “tab bar”
3. Click on “Duplicate”

A new independent Workday tab will now display in your “tab bar.” If you left click and hold this tab, you can drag it to a second screen or monitor; thus, allowing you to see and work with two open versions of Workday running simultaneously.

Expense AP has received several questions from the campus community on how to apply tax on Pcard transactions that split between multiple worktags. Here is some information to help you through this type of transaction:

You will need to split out the amount of tax that is proportional to the amount of the transaction split on the line.

Example: You have a $2,241.75 Pcard transaction that includes North Carolina tax of $141.75. When you enter the tax code on the line of NCS you will notice the total amount of the transaction does not change. That is because the tax is being deducted from the overall total behind the scenes by Workday.

If you need to split this transaction between multiple worktags, you will need to itemize using the following steps:
1. Complete the line level information
2. Click on ‘itemize’
3. In the ‘Total Amount’ field you will need to type the amount of the split plus the applicable tax amount for that split.
You want to split the transaction between three cost centers before tax as: a) $1000 b) $500 c) $600
The total amount field for the first split of $1000 should be $1,067.50 (the $1000 expense split plus the tax on $1000)
The total amount field for the second split of $500 should be $533.75
The total amount field for the third split of $600 should be $640.50.
All of these lines total $2,241.75.
4. Update the worktags on each line to reflect the split.
5. Click “add’ if you need to add more than two splits.
6. Click ‘Done’ when complete to take you back to the document you were working on.

At this point, you can add more expense items, save the document for later (draft) or you can submit your document

Expense Have you ever wanted to delete an existing expense line added in the Workday mobile app? It’s a simple process; here’s how. Open the Workday mobile app and tap the ‘Expenses’ icon. In the top ‘Expenses’ section you should see a number in an orange circle; tap it. Then choose the particular mobile expense that you would like to delete; tap anywhere on that particular line except in the checkbox. Once the expense line opens, scroll down and tap the ‘Delete’ button. Once you confirm the deletion, it has been removed and will no longer display in your mobile app nor in the standard browser version of Workday.
Payroll Timecards must be submitted by employees and approved by supervisors each week. The Payroll Department sends reminder emails as deadlines approach, but also suggests setting personal reminders on your Google Calendar or on your phone to ensure that hours worked are reported on a timely basis.You can also have Workday inbox reminders for timecard submission and approval sent to your Wake Forest email address by updating your notification preferences. See the job aid for updating notifications, Set Up Email Notifications.
Payroll For managers who need to make adjustments to employee timecards, it can be cumbersome to do this from the ‘Action Request Task’ in your inbox. Navigating to the employee’s timecard through the ‘Team Time’ worklet is the quickest way to make these adjustments.
Reporting Do you find yourself always wanting to hide specific columns on an End User financial report? Click on the ‘Click to view/edit grid preferences icon’ on the top right, above your report output. Here you can select which report columns to display or hide. Workday will remember your selections and will continue to display or hide the same columns on future report runs until you go back to the same icon and update your preferences. Note that these preferences are only for what displays in Workday and not what downloads to Excel (all columns will display in the Excel download).
Supplier Invoice Request – If you select the line as a goods line, you are now required to input data in the quantity field. This will aid in the errors approvers were getting when reviewing the request.
– the header memo field is now required.
Supplier Invoice Request Did you know…when entering a direct pay using ‘Create Supplier Invoice Request’ that you should only enter one invoice per request? Just like our previous process, you should submit each invoice for processing and payment. When departments try to combine multiple invoices into one request, this can cause:
• confusion when a supplier calls with inquires because only one invoice number will show in the
• confusion because the information in total will
not match to the invoice, and
• inaccurate data when performing spend analysis.

Unfortunately, if a request for payment of multiple invoices comes in one request, AP will have no other option than to deny the request and send it back for reprocessing. We do not want to deny a request and for anyone to perform rework, so please submit one request per invoice.

Supplier Invoice Request Please remember you should only request local checks when there is a contractual obligation or unforeseen circumstance. Please note in the comments and/or attachment who to contact, their campus extension and email address. If the pick-up is an immediate need, you will need to email AP to let us know of the urgent need. Please include the SIR number and supplier name in your email to AP. You may email AP at
Supplier Invoice Request When departments are requesting services from Graylyn (lodging, rentals, or conference rooms), Graylyn will invoice the departments directly. These invoices should not be entered as invoices in Workday. These should be processed internally. If you have any questions about Graylyn departmental invoicing, please contact Norma Andrade or Kathy Jeffords.
Supplier Invoice Request Invoices related to purchase orders should be emailed to Any inquiries regarding payment or other AP information should be directed to