Xerox Toner Scam – Beware of Toner Phoners

Unfortunately we are once again being contacted about buying toner for departmental printers or the Xerox multifunctional devices (MFD). If you receive such a call please direct them to Eudora Struble at x2414.  If they attempt to hang up please record the phone number and forward to Procurement Services at x8289.  These companies are running a scam, hoping to find an unsuspecting person in an office that will agree to receive an order. These orders are often sent at inflated prices. They often will drop names of people who work at Wake Forest University into the conversation to sound legitimate.

If you have a Xerox MFD all supplies are included in the department cost per impression (CPI). There is never any need to buy supplies or parts. The following link includes all information related to WFU’s Xerox program. WFU Xerox Program Information

The University recommends that all printer supplies be ordered through Deacon Depot.

The companies that are calling are named “toner phoners” and periodically become active, randomly calling university numbers until they find someone willing to talk to them.  Recently we had “toner phoners” targeting our Xerox program. You can review additional information about ‘Toner Phoners’ here.

If you receive any calls from these “toner phoners” please contact Procurement Services immediately.

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