Xerox Telemarketing Scam: Beware of Toner Phoners!

Recently, calls have been received by campus employees from telemarketers misrepresenting themselves as Xerox sales representatives. These are called Toner Phoners and they are trying to sell Xerox supplies fraudulently.

Because all supplies through the Xerox MFD program are contracted, no one should try to sell you additional supplies for your Xerox machine. These Toner Phoners often try to tell the person that they reach on the phone that prices are increasing or they forgot to give a 30-day notice of a price increase.

Xerox will never call and ask for serial number information. They have everything on file so consider it a huge red flag if someone calls and asks for information about your device. Again, all toner supplies are included in the WFU contract, so never engage with anyone trying to sell anything regarding your Xerox device. 

For more information on Toner Phoners, please review the following documents:

Toner Phoner Facts

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