Electronic W-2’s: Safer. Faster. Greener.

Wake Forest University is required by IRS Regulations to send employees a paper W-2 unless they consent to receive their W-2 in an electronic-only format.

Employees are encouraged to go paperless by providing consent to receive their 2013 IRS W-2 form electronically through WF@Work. Unless consent is provided, a paper
W-2 form will be mailed in January. Receiving an electronic W-2 form is:

• Safer. Reduces the risk of identity theft associated with mailed W-2’s, which includes the employee’s name, address and social security number.

• Faster. Electronic W-2’s will be available before mailed forms. Employees will be notified by email when their W-2 is available.

• Greener. If electronic consent is provided by 5:00 pm on January 28, 2014 a paper 2013 W-2 will not be mailed.

To provide consent to receive an electronic-only W-2 (and to stop receiving a paper W-2 in the mail) please complete the electronic W-2 consent under the Tax Forms section of WF@Work. Once you give your consent you will be able to view past years W-2’s as well.

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