University Stores Purchases & Discounts

To support the transition of University Stores now being managed by Follett, we wanted to provide you with information regarding purchases made at any Stores location.

Discounts apply on all payment methods. Department Charges/Purchases are eligible for a 25% discount on items excluding  text, computers/technology and convenience items. WFU Faculty/Staff will enjoy a 20% discount on items excluding text, computers/technology and convenience items.

There are two department purchase methods – the preferred method is the University PCard.

Department Charges are also acceptable. When making a department charge, purchasers will need to provide their name to the cashier along with the department name and budget code to be charged. Departments will continue to receive reports detailing all purchases made for review and reconciliation purposes. However, department charges will now be reported differently on Cognos reports. These charges will be reported in the month following the charge (e.g., July charges will be reflected in your August Cognos reports) in the Supplies account code 53010 with an activity code of U01368-Follett Departmental Store Charges. These were previously reported in account Allocation University Stores – 70025. Budget and Financial Planning has recognized this account code change and has moved FY14 budget amounts from 70025 to 53010.

Department charge and PCard receipts at time of purchase will show sales tax charged. However, like other supplier purchases, the tax will not show on the Cognos report as an expense against the department budget.

If you have any questions, please email Dixie Ross at

Thank you for your continued support during this transition and please forward this information to those in your area who make purchases at any Stores location.

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