Recording PTO for Exempt Staff

For exempt staff (not faculty), departments have been transitioning to NOVAtime electronic leave management system to request and record Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Leave Reserve. More than 90% of exempt staff have been trained and are now using NOVAtime. Beginning this month and in support of the PTO policy all leave requests should be entered and approved in NOVAtime using the request function. Training is offered through the Professional Development Center with additional educational resources available on the “Training Information” section of the NOVAtime home page. Please note that the “timesheet” method of requesting leave is no longer available in favor for the simpler and more efficient “request” method.

When PTO requests are entered in NOVAtime, most devices offer the convenience for supervisors to approve requests through e-mail.

For educational resources, including Quick Guides go to the NOVAtime home page. Additionally, classes have been conducted throughout 2013 to support the requirement that all PTO must be recorded in NOVAtime.

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