Approval Procedures

Approval signature required

When approving documents for payment, a full signature is required. Initials are not acceptable.
The approval signature is meant to show that the approver recognizes the items have been received, there is a bona-fide business purpose and that they authorize the payment.

Who can approve

Only those individuals documented in the Authorization and Approval Levels document approved by the University president or those documented on the Departmental Expenditure Authorization Form are allowed to approve invoices, reimbursement requests or P-Card statements. An authorized approver’s dollar limit must not exceed the levels designated by the president.

Adding or removing approvers

When adding or removing approvers from your operating department, please complete a new Department Expenditure Authorization Form.

Student groups

Each academic year, student groups need to complete the Student Organization Expenditure Authorization Form before payments can be processed.

If a student group does not know their faculty advisor, they should contact Steve Hirst, Director of Student Leadership and Organizations, by email at or the Student Government Treasurer.