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University P-Card

Important Information


If your card has an expiration date of 08/14

  1. Register for online refresher training at the PDC.  
  2. Sign up at the PDC website for a convenient time to pick up your card.

For more detailed information regarding training and card distribution please see our Chip and PIN FAQ.


The University Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a corporate liability card that is used for travel and entertainment of any dollar amount, as well as purchasing goods and services under $2500. There are also exclusions and special situations that may apply. All WFU faculty and staff are eligible to obtain a P-Card. Please contact Dawn Cadd in Procurement Services at x5998.

How to receive a University VISA card:

Card Renewal Information:

Your current University credit card is set to expire August 2014. As communicated earlier this year, you will need to complete University credit card refresher training in order to ensure your credit card remains activated.  There are two steps to completing this process.

1.  Register for the online training at the PDC.  When you register at the PDC, you will receive an email on September 2nd containing the online training module.  This module needs to be completed by October 31, 2014.  If it is not completed, your card will be temporarily suspended.

2.  Schedule a time to pick up your new card.  Dates and times are available through the PDC.  Note:  you will be picking up your card before the online training module link is emailed to you.  You can complete this module at your convenience before October 31st.

Chip and PIN Information:

Our new cards have chip and PIN technology that will be most helpful for our faculty and staff traveling outside the U.S.   If you do not travel to a location that utilizes this technology, you will use your card as you normally do. It has all the qualities of our “old” cards as well as the chip and Pin.  Click here to view the  Chip and PIN FAQ.


Contact Fraud Department at Bank of America
Call:  866-500-8262

Login to Works
Login to Works (best used with Internet Explorer)

Quick Guides
Updating a P-Card Transaction in Works Quick Guide

Lost or Missing Receipts Quick Guide
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Business Expense Receipts: Required Documentation
Chart of Accounts Dictionary
Tips & Gratuities
Login to Works (best used with Internet Explorer)


P-Card Statement Closing Dates

P-Card statement closing dates are the first business day of each month, and documentation is due to Accounts Payable by 5:00 pm on the 7th business day of the month. For exact dates, please view the Financial Services calendar.


P-Card FAQ

Q: If I don’t have any transactions during a particular statement period, do I have to do anything?
A: No.

Q: What do I do if I am traveling during a statement close period?
A1: First, call Accounts Payable and let them know you are traveling and your documentation may be late. Then, if you have access to the internet, go into Works and update your transactions and sign off on them. The last step, printing off your statement, can happen when you return from traveling. At that time, print your statement, get the appropriate approvals and submit them along with your receipts to AP.

A2: If you don’t have access to the internet to update your transactions, consider assigning a proxy to update those transactions for you. If you plan ahead, most individuals are willing to help. Your proxy can go into Works and update your transactions. You will need to let them know the business purpose information ahead of time. Call AP ahead and let them know you will assign a proxy. Documentation, including statement and receipts can be turned in when you return.

Q: I have forgotten my password, what do I do?
A: Call P-Card Administrator x5998 or the uBuy Help Line x8289. We will reset your password. It will ALWAYS temporarily be your username. The next time you log into Works, you will assign another “permanent” password. Don’t click the “forgot password” in Works.

Q: I signed off on a transaction with the wrong information.  Now I need to update it, but I can’t see it on my screen. What do I do?
A: Call the P-Card Administrator x 5998 or the uBuy Help Line x8289. We will “flag” the transaction back to you. When you log into Works the transaction will be on the “resolve” line instead of the “sign off” line. Click on the transaction and then update as needed. In the bottom right hand corner you find and click on the “remove flag” button. When the white box comes up, type “corrected”. Click “OK” and you are done.

Q: I used my card but the transaction hasn’t shown up yet. Where is it?
A: The posting process can take up to 10 business days. If you don’t see your transaction post in a reasonable amount of time, you may call the supplier and ask them when they processed the transaction. Remember that the statement period only captures transactions that have posted.

Q: I just went into the site and updated my transactions. I printed my statement and none of my changes are there. Have I lost everything I just did?
A: No. If you hit “save” and “OK” when you were updating you haven’t lost anything. Works is simply an interface that talks to another system. Sometimes it takes up to a couple of hours for the system to update. This is especially true if you update all of your transactions at the last minute. Lots of people wait until the last minute, which causes a delay.

Q: I am being asked for my billing address. What do I use?
A: Your billing address is your departmental PO Box number. No punctuation, no dashes. When you enter your billing address it should look like this:
PO Box 7245
Winston Salem NC 27109

Q: Why do I have to call Procurement and Bank of America when I travel internationally?
A: You call Bank of America to let them know of your travel plans so they will not assume your card is being used fraudulently when charges from another country begin to show up. Also be sure you call Procurement Services before you travel to ensure you have enough credit on your card in the event of an emergency. If you are traveling with students/group of individuals, we will request approval from your approval authority to increase your credit limit based on the number of individuals in order to accommodate unforeseen needs.

Q: I know I need to break out the NC Sales tax, where do I put it?
NC sales tax info

Q: I don’t like Works. When is that site going to be updated/changed so it is easier to use?
A: We completely understand. Works is an environment managed/provided by Bank of America. The ideal solution is to have an interface between Works and Banner.

Q: I am having trouble logging in or some of the information in Works is acting strange, what is wrong?
A: Please make sure you are logging into Works through an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser window. Works does not play well with the Google Chrome browser.  The web address for Works is: