Visual Boards

Wake Forest purchases visual boards (marker, chalk, bulletin, etc.) through a purchasing contract with Marsh Industries.

The Marsh website has information on available boards (no login necessary) and prices for selected products are on the Marsh contract price listing.

The most popular boards on campus are thePro-Rite Series orContractor Series (wider frame).  Surfaces come with a 50-year warranty and are available in various standard and custom sizes.

Prices do not include freight.  Have all boards shipped to the Facilities Warehouse dock. Departments are responsible for submitting a work order to Facilities and Campus Services (FACS) for installation of boards.  Your department will be billed by FACS for the installation.

To order visual boards:

Brame Specialty Products in Durham, NC is the supplier for the Marsh boards. Laverne Steele is the WFU account representative and you can work directly with her to place an order with your University credit card for any board costing less than $2,500.  For boards costing more than $2,500, complete a PO in Deacon Depot.

Laverne Steele
Brame School & Office Products
Account Representative
Ph 919-281-1384
Ph 800-464-3580
Fax 919-688-7901

Instructions for cleaning boards: