Staff Alphabetical Listing

First Name Last Name Phone Email Team Job Duties
Freddy Acuna 336-758-5186 Financial Accounting & Reporting Accounting Coordinator
Samantha Adams 336-758-6045 Financial Accounting & Reporting Financial Analyst
Nathan Anderson 336-758-3554 Finance Systems Director
Sharon Anderson 336-758-4311 Administration & Strategic Initiatives Director
Kathy Arfmann 336-758-2517 Finance Systems Senior Business Systems Analyst
Shannon Badgett 336-758-3159 Budget & Financial Planning Assistant Director
Laura Becker 336-758-5233 Financial Services Administrative Coordinator
Marge Becker 336-758-3379 Financial Accounting & Reporting Senior Financial Analyst
Allison Belton 336-758-5183 Accounts Payable Director
Darla Berrier 336-758-2562 Payroll Payroll Specialist II
Angie Blomer 336-758-5189 Student Financial Services Customer Relationship Representative
Kerri Bolow 336-758-2524 Financial Accounting & Reporting Senior Grant Administrator
Matthew Borlik 336-758-5833 Accounts Payable AP Rep: Employee and student travel and entertainment, Pcard holders by first name M-N, Initiates wires & ACHs
April Britt 336-758-2414 Procurement Supplier Administrator
Carly Stafford Brown 336-758-7047 Accounts Payable Athletics
Erika Brown 336-758-5998 Procurement Services PCard Administrator
Karen Brown 336-758-3086 Student Financial Services Director
Jane Chapman 336-758-3130 Finance Systems Reporting Business Analyst
Bridgett Clancy 336-758-2434 Finance Systems Learning and Development Specialist
Brian Collie 336-758-4229 Finance Systems Sr. Analyst/Programmer
Jamie Costello 336-758-7410 Student Financial Services Manager
Jolene Cox 336-758-3205 Financial Accounting & Reporting Manager, General Accounting
Kim Crewey 336-758-7504 Financial Services Senior Director, Financial Operations
Kim Culberson 336-758-4124 Procurement Services Procurement Specialist II
Anne Davenport 336-758-3760 Tax Office Director
Pam Davis 336-758-3929 Payroll Payroll Analyst
Angie Downing 336-758-1981 Accounts Payable Sr. AP Rep: AP Journal Entries, Sales, Use, Receipt, Amusement, PST Filings, Account Reconciliations, Pcard holders by first name, O-Z, Initiates wires & ACHs
Lesli Driskill 336-758-5234 Student Financial Services Student Account Analyst
Joe Duncan 336-758-7143 Finance Systems Manager, Technical Systems
Samantha Fields 336-758-5892 Student Financial Services Staff Accountant, Billing & Reconciliation
Allison Franklin 336-758-2444 Tax Office Associate Director
Glenda Frye 336-758-4641 Accounts Payable AP Rep: Trade suppliers by Company name A-H, Pcard holders by first name A-C
Nicolle Gaillard 336-758-5327 Procurement Services Procurement Specialist II
Kimberley Gaines 336-758-5397 Financial Accounting & Reporting Treasury Analyst
Jessica Gorrell 336-758-6408 Financial Accounting & Reporting Manager, Plant Fund
Matt Grau 336-758-7607 Budget & Financial Planning Director, Capital Budgets
Kameron Gress 336-758-5223 Financial Accounting & Reporting Sr. Accountant, Gifts
Julie Groves 336-758-4197 Risk Services Director
Muriel Haselden 336-758-5298 Financial Accounting & Reporting Financial Accounting & Reporting Analyst
Wendy Harper 336-758-1954 Budget & Financial Planning Sr. Financial Management Analyst
Natalie Hill 336-758-3126 Finance Systems Senior Business Systems Analyst
Kim Holley-Chinnis 336-758-5184 Payroll Manager
Karen Hunter 336-758-6089 Campus Finance Services Business Manager, Receivables/eCommerce
Sonya Izzard 336-758-3326 Student Financial Services A/R Specialist
Chris Jessie 336-758-3309 Tax Office Tax Accountant II
Ashley Jones 336-758-1981 Accounts Payable AP Manager
Lisa Jones 336-758-5190 Campus Financial Services Business Manager, Payables
Jennifer Killingsworth 336-758-4088 Financial Accounting & Reporting Director, Accounting and Treasury
Amy Lamy 336-758-4801 Finance Systems Sr. Data Warehouse Analyst
Teresa Leonard 336-758-5235 Accounts Payable AP Rep: Trade suppliers by company name I-Z, W-9 forms, mail distribution for AP, Posting of wires, ACHs and tax payments in Banner
Mike Maedjaja 336-758-3754 Finance Systems Assistant Director
Sue Massey 336-758-3834 Accounts Payable AP Rep: Individual/Person and Tax Supplier Setup, Pcard holders by first name D-L
Marnie Matthews 336-758-5233 Controller Controller
Susan McFadyen 336-758-5234 Student Financial Services Customer Relationship Rep.
Marla McNear 336-758-4402 Procurement Services Procurement Specialist II
Peter Nachand 336-758-5962 Procurement Services Assoc Director Procurement Svcs
Emily Neese 336-758-3721 Budget & Financial Planning Assoc. Vice President, Strategy & Operations
Linda Nichols 336-758-2413 Procurement Services Workday Procurement and Analytics Lead
Summer Peters 336-758-5690 Accounts Payable AP Rep: Athletics, Bookstore, Reynolda House invoices, check distribution, AP research questions, Escheats, Credit memo questions
Cathy PiƱo 336-758-4861 Payroll Payroll Implementation Lead, Workday
Donna Poirier 336-758-7016 Accounts Payable AP Rep: School of Business
April Poteat 336-758-5187 Financial Accounting & Reporting Post Award Analyst
Nick Reed 336-758-7167 Financial Accounting & Reporting Director
Joel Rogers 336-758-4246 Campus Financial Services Business Manager II
Dixie Ross 336-758-2596 Campus Financial Services Director
Erica Schoen 336-758-5234 Student Financial Services University Cashier
Jennifer Shore 336-758-4741 Payroll Payroll Specialist II
Jim Smith 336-758-7608 Campus Financial Services Assistant Director
Ruth Smith 336-758-5977 Financial Accounting & Reporting Accounting Coordinator, Sr.
Patricia Spencer 336-758-4160 Procurement Services Procurement Specialist
Johnny Trevino 336-758-3007 Procurement Services Contract Administrator
Buffi Vestal 336-758-5184 Budget & Financial Planning Financial Management Analyst
Valarie Waddell 336-758-3246 Financial Accounting & Reporting Assistant Director, Financial Reporting & Analysis
Charlene Watkins 336-758-5176 Budget & Financial Planning Interim Director
Lucinda Westmoreland 336-758-4867 Payroll Director
Kim Widener 336-758-4732 Student Financial Services Manager, Student Accounts
Renee Wilkins 336-758-3579 Campus Financial Services Campus Financial Services Representative
Travis Wilkins 336-758-5793 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Assistant
Janet Williams 336-758-5233 Financial Services VP for Finance
Jennifer Windell 336-758-5186 Financial Accounting & Reporting Accountant, Fixed Assets
Lauren Young 336-758-2528 Campus Financial Services Campus Financial Services Representative