Purchases over $2500

How to Make a Purchase for items or services over $2,500
Any purchase for materials or services over $2,500 requires a Purchase Order (PO) from Procurement Services. Involving our department early in the purchase process increases the value we can provide to find the best sources of supply, favorable prices, and excellent customer service.

Purchases over $2,500 require bids as outlined in the Bid & Quotation Specifications.

For materials and services over $2,500:

Requisitioner (the person who wants to purchase something):

  • Completes a purchasing requisition – the form that provides all the important info (How to fill out a requisition)
  • Sends requisiton to Procurement Services (email, mail, fax)

Procurement Services:

  • Sources the item (finds the best price, quality, and service)
  • Creates the PO
  • Sends PO to the supplier and a copy to requisitioner


  • Ships the item(s)
  • Invoices WFU


  • Verifies the PO number on the invoice (really important part!)
  • Approves invoice or obtains proper departmental approval
  • Sends approved invoice to Accounts Payable for payment within 2 days of receipt

The requisitioner should contact Procurement Services to resolve any problems that may arise during the procurement cycle.

If you have questions, please contact your Department or Student Group Buyer.
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