Xerox is our new supplier of Multifunctional Devices.

If your department still has a Ricoh copier, you can find information regarding it below.


Wake Forest has implemented a cost-per-copy program for multi-functional copiers for Reynolda Campus, Graylyn Conference Center and Reynolda House Museum of American Art. Canon copiers are provided by IKON Office Solutions.


Before calling for service, please have:

  • 8-digit IKON equipment ID number located on the IKON tag on the front of the copier
  • Point of contact and a description of the problem

A service request must be submitted for all support and repairs. The on-site technician will contact you within four hours. If the IKON technician determines the issue involves the WFU domain, you will be instructed to submit a remedy ticket.

IKON Customer Care Center:

Phone: 888.456.6457
Online: IKON Customer Service Portal


To order toner, staples, and waste toner cartridges, contact: Give the 8-digit IKON equipment ID number from the front of the copier, what supplies you need, the contact name, and the physical shipping address.

Overnight service is available for an additional fee.


Recycling Toner Cartridges:

See this complete list for details and shipping labels for recycling toner cartridges. If your toner cartridge is not reusable but can be recycled, place it in a WFU recycling container for plastics.


Standard Features on all copiers include:

  • Duplex copy and print
  • 4 paper trays
  • Scan to email
  • Corner Stapling

Options available at an additional cost:

  • Enhanced stapling
  • Fax capability
  • Enhanced folding

Paper is the only additional expense to your department. The following are included at no additional cost:

  • Toner
  • Labor
  • Parts
  • Staples

Departmental Costs:

  • $.0277 per black & white page
  • $.059 per color page
  • NO CHARGE for scan or to receive/send fax

Central Billing:

All copiers are networked and your 6-digit department number is captured with each copy or print. Your department is charged monthly. The use of copiers within the Digital Copier Program is the most cost-effective means of making copies and prints.

Requests for Service and Supplies


Upon delivery of a new copier you will be given training on the standard operationof the digital copier. To schedule enhanced or follow-up training, please contact Andy Wampler.

Benson Copy Center:

Benson Copy Center was completely re-equipped as part of the IKON Multi-functional Copier Program to offer a wide array of print and copy services. Call or visit the Copy Center (336.758.5251) to discuss particular printing needs.

Special features include:
Online Job Submission
Indoor/Outdoor Custom Sign Creation & Rental
Wide Format posters and banners
Kodak Printing
Competitive pricing
Advanced binding
Free pick-up and delivery


Commodity Contact: IKON Account Manager:
Michael Logan Andy Wampler