Cell Phones

Wake Forest University currently has contracts with Verizon and AT&T. Faculty and staff can utilize these contracts for both personal and business purposes and receive discount pricing on hardware and/or service.


For Business Lines contact:

Jessica Roth, Government Account Manager
336.407.0050 (mobile)

For Personal use:
To receive the WFU employee Verizon discount on your primary line, you need:

  • a wfu.edu email address. WFU contract # 2469045 discounts are applied to accounts using the wfu.edu domain
  • to be the Primary Account holder. Other names may be on the account, but the primary name MUST be the employee’s

Available Discounts for legacy accounts (voice driven plans):

  • 22% discount on primary line voice access of $34.99 or higher
  • 25% off accessories
  • 250 free texts; $.20/per text over 250 including picture/video sent and received. If adding this feature in the store, reference Feature # 73921
  • 22% off smartphone data plan of $50/5GB or higher. If your data plan qualifies, the discount will be applied automatically
  • Activation fee waived on 2-year contracts. This fee will be billed and then credited back the next month

Available Discounts for “Share Everything” (new data driven plans):

  • 22% discount on shared data portion of the plan only

To Setup Your New Account:

  • Set up an account by purchasing a device and adding calling and data features for all devices on your account.
  • Use your wfu.edu email to link your account to WFU contract # 2469045

You may set up your account:

  • online – www.verizonwireless.com
  • by phone – 1.800.922.0204
  • in store

For an existing Verizon Wireless account:
Go to Verizon Wireless email domain authentication to enter your wfu.edu email

Once you receive an email from Verizon Wireless, go to “register your line” to set up your account online. You will then be able to see your eligible discounts

Have more questions? Need a store location? Want to browse current devices before setting up your account? Having trouble linking your account?


For Business Lines contact:

Ryan Lancaster, Government Sales Representative

To order devices, e-mail Ryan with your request. Please mention your Billing Account Number and the appropriate Foundation Account Number (FAN) listed on your bill.

Additional questions can be sent to:

Tracy Sary, Wake Forest Wireless Account Manager
919.783.1289 office

For Personal use:

Discounts are available for WFU faculty and staff. The discounts below apply to new and existing customers.

  • 25% discount off of primary line. This will apply to single line or “family” plans. But, discounts will only be added to a family plan if the employee is the primary account holder.
  • 25% discount on 5GB plans or higher, existing unlimited data plans included. You will be able to keep this unlimited data plan on your smarthone when you are up for contract renewal.
  • 25% discount for INDIVIDUAL unlimited text plans. $30 Unlimited family text plan is NOT eligible.

To review or apply the discounts:

  • Visit a convenient AT&T retail store and provide the appropriate FAN#

Faculty and Staff FAN#  4379026

Local Retail Stores:

Summit Square Store (off University Blvd.)
197 N. Summit Square Blvd.
Winston Salem, NC  27105

Stratford Road Store (Thruway)
205 S. Stratford Road
Winston Salem, NC  27103

For questions and help, contact:
Tracy Sary, Wake Consumer Representative

919.744.4611 (mobile)