Invoices and Reimbursements


Here you will find information on paying suppliers for merchandise and services, as well as reimbursing internal and external individuals for Wake Forest University business related expenses.

If a supplier submits an invoice for an order that has not been processed through Deacon Depot, the coding and necessary approval should be written directly on the invoice before submitting it to Accounts Payable for processing. If the invoice is for an order that has been processed through Deacon Depot, the coding and necessary approvals have been taken care of at the time of requisition approval and the invoice can be sent directly to Accounts Payable without any further processing by the Departments.

If Accounts Payable is processing a payment request without an invoice (i.e. honorariums, payments based on contracts or email communications), payment information should be submitted on an Expenditure Voucher form. Travel related expenses should be submitted on a Travel and Entertainment Voucher (see the Travel section for more information on travel reimbursements).

Please note that all new suppliers must have a completed W-9 (a W-8BEN and possibly Foreign National Information form is needed for foreign payees) attached to the payment request.

For more information on submitting supplier invoices and reimbursements, please refer to the “How To” and “Tools” tabs in this section. The necessary forms can be found under the “Forms” tab.